SONIC PANORAMAS #4 – On riot cultures and riot sounds explore the interpretations of riot sounds – DECEMBER 18´S CACEROLAZO REPORT, 18 Dic 2017 [Reporte para programa transmitido por Saout Radio de Marruecos, Radio Panik de Belgica, Radio Corax de Alemania y otros]

The sound documentation was recorded during a warm night  of the summer solstice in the streets of Buenos Aires.  In the middle of a political crisis produced by the structural changes requested by the FMI to the conservative goberment, appears in all the city this local form of protest where people make strident sounds using their kitchen utensils as cooking pots, frying pan, spoons, etc.

Sonic Panoramas #4 – On riot cultures and riot sounds explore the interpretations of riot sounds
made by artists from different cultural horizons.

curated by Anna Raimondo for Saout Radio, commissioned by ifa Galerie
Written by Anna Raimondo
English translation’s editing: Adriano Giampietro and Marie-Eve Merckx
Communication: Chloé Despax
Design: Stefan Pollak
Acoustic Mirror (ES),
Daniel Bargach Mitre (VEN/BOL),
Cristian Espinoza (CL/ARG),
Hagaiz Eizenberg (ISR),
Bárbara González Barrera (CL),
Brandon LaBelle (DE),
Radio Alice (IT),
Anna Raimondo (IT),
Felipe Rodríguez
Gómez (CO),
Griselda Sánchez (MEX),
Silence ça urge! (FR)

“Sonic Panoramas” proposes multiple approaches to sonic arts to create diverse aesthetic experiences and to open a space for reflection. Therefore, by becoming sonic, the panoramas no longer need observers, but create participants: people are invited to engage and deconstruct stereotypes and to generate expanded forms of geographies and views.

The programme «Sonic Panoramas» develops in resonance with the four chapters of «Untie to Tie»: Sonic Agoras/Expanded Geographies/Archipelagic Thought, Ears’ De-colonisation/Urban Cultures, Sonic Feminisms/Re-writing Genders, Social Perturbation/Short Circuits.

«Sonic Panoramas» is made up of a hearing station inside the gallery and diverse radio shows that are accessible in the gallery, on this digital platform and on the Saout Radio website. Each radio show, of one hour duration, will consist of a series of selected radio and sound works responding to the specific concepts of each chapter. They will also be broadcasted on different radio stations in Germany such as or Radio Corax, but also on stations all over the world such as Radio Panik in Brussels, Radio Tsonami in Chile and others.


On location
IfA Galerie,
Linienstraße 139/140
10115 Berlin

Untie to Tie platform:

On FM Radio:
Resonance FM: Monday 29 January at 8pm
Radio Campus Bruxelles: Monday 5 February at 4pm
Radio Panik 105.4 FM: Friday 16 February at noon

Fotografía de Art Track: Julia Castagno

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