Ruins & Beginnings: The Dom​-​ino Sessions

During Tuned City – Messene (2018), architects Cristian Espinoza and René Rissland established an experimental structure based on Le Corbusier’s Dom-ino House as part of their research during the festival. The structure is comprised of the concrete framing of an unfinished house. Espinoza and Rissland generously invited people to use it as they imagined. Lanterner proposed a series of live improvisations with the other artists who have participated here.

For the audience, the performances were auditioned via Florian Tuercke’s wireless headphone system. In this recording we included the sounds of the space as well as the acoustic events and the surrounding noises, largely crickets and the dogs of Mavrommati, as they contributed to the overall feeling of the night.

Note: The noid set was actually around 15-20 minutes duration but in the heat of the moment, Steve forgot to hit ‘Record’ and missed the whole first section. We liked the remainder though, so we included it here. Thanks noid. Sorry noid.Thanks:
Our friends for playing with us, Carsten Stabenow, Tuned City, Manolis Manousakis, the Onassis Cultural Centre crew, the fine people of Mavrommati.


released December 19, 2018

Improvised performances recorded over one afternoon and evening in the village of Mavrommati, Greece, overlooking the ruins of Ancient Messene. May 31, 2018. Recorded and mixed by Steve Bates

Cristian Espinoza: Dom-ino structure
Paul Gründorfer: lazers, computer
noid: cello, effects
René Rissland: Domino structure
Nicolas Spencer: microphones, effects
Florian Tuercke: resonating string instrument
Franziska Windisch: microphones, speakers, computer, voice

Steve Bates: computer, radio, microphones
Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt: amplified objects, voice

The Dim Coast / #10

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